At AIT, computer science and software engineering majors learn from renowned professors, in a country that has a reputation for educating renowned scientists and inventors. Students have a wide range of courses from which to choose, including courses on creative design and entrepreneurship, foundational courses in computer science, advanced applications such as computational biology and computer vision for digital film post-production, and humanities courses related to Hungary’s rich cultural heritage.

AIT campus is located in Aquincum, the old Roman town of Budapest, on the banks of a beautiful branch of the Danube River. AIT’s building is located in a state-of-the-art business park whose tenants include many IT and R&D companies, such as Microsoft, SAP, Servier, Canon, Sybase, and Graphisoft. In the park, you will find seven cafeterias that are convenient solutions for daily meals: 3 of them offer various options for lunch, and there are 4 snack bars as well.
In addition, the AIT building has a big kitchen, club room, accessible computers, and Wi-Fi. 

AIT is a small and friendly program. We enroll only 80-100 students per semester from North America and Hungary, and classes are small (typically 10-20 students). Our faculty members often develop close mentoring relationships with their classes, and the AIT staff is always present and available for assistance, so you will receive lots of personal attention.

AIT will help you find reasonable, pre-arranged accommodations for your stay in Budapest. Usually, two or three students share an apartment in downtown Budapest, and near excellent transportation and great cultural offerings. To help us find suitable roommates for you, you will be asked to fill out an electronic Room Match Form before you arrive in Budapest. 

No. All courses are taught in English by internationally acclaimed Hungarian scholars with guest lectures by leading entrepreneurs and researchers who all speak English. An optional two-week long intensive survival course in Hungarian language is available before the start of each semester, and you can also take a basic Hungarian language course for credit while at AIT.

Yes. About 20% of the AIT students will be Hungarians from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. They will introduce you to the Hungarian lifestyle, and help you see the best of what Budapest has to offer. 

AIT will organize some afternoon and weekend extracurricular activities for you and your classmates. Some of these activities (like Orientation Days and a scavenger hunt in Budapest) are offered as a courtesy of AIT, while others (like cultural and sport activities, and excursions within Hungary) will be provided for additional fees. You will also have several opportunities to arrange your own trips to surrounding cities and countries on the weekends and during breaks.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) will provide credit transfer on behalf of AIT. Academic courses will meet twice a week, for two hours per occasion and they require at least the same amount of time for homework.
Our 14-week courses therefore typically correspond to 4 credits at most North American colleges and universities.

Some schools have already pre-approved AIT's curriculum for easy credit transfer. You should check with your academic advisor and/or your study abroad office to find out what's involved in transferring credits from AIT to your home school. Please contact us at info [uhlztasp] ait-budapest [shzpokiz] com if you have any questions or concerns.

During the fall and spring semesters students are expected to select academic courses with an average load of 16-20 contact hours a week. While there are no charges for taking heavier loads. Loads exceeding 26 contact hours a week are subject to approval. Students attending the 5-week summer term can earn 6 AIT credits and will have an average load of 22-24 contact hours per week. 

Tuition fee for the 2024 Spring semester: $17,500
Tuition fee from 2024 Fall semester and onward: $19,000

Tuition covers participation in AIT courses with individual mentoring by the faculty, and personal attention by the AIT staff (such as airport pick-up, orientation, housing assistance, etc). Students are expected to select academic courses with an average load of 16-20 contact hours a week. While there is no charge for taking heavier loads. Loads exceeding 26 contact hours a week are subject to approval.

For more details and estimated student direct costs for a semester in Budapest please see this link:

AIT does not provide financial aid, but your school might be able to contribute to your expenses. Make sure to speak with your school’s study abroad director and/or financial aid office. 

In order to enter Hungary, you will need a valid passport. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your planned return date to the U.S.

Hungary belongs to the Schengen Area (Europe’s passport free travel area) where U.S. citizens do not need a visa for a stay of less than 90 days. As your stay will be longer than 90 days, however, you should either apply for a visa from a Hungarian Embassy or Consulate (application may be submitted in person in Washington, DC; New York, NY or Los Angeles, CA, and Chicago IL), or if you cannot travel to one of the locations or have other circumstances that prevent you from applying in person for the visa, you may apply for a residence permit upon arrival to Hungary. 

If you are a non-North American citizen, please check with your home country consulate and the Hungarian Consulate General's Office about special documentation requirements before departure.
If you need further assistance, you can always contact the AIT Budapest Office.