Updated: May 25, 2021

This page details what you might be able to expect from an in-person semester during the times of Covid-19 pandemic. All students and partners are encouraged to read through the following and check back for updates. Modifications may be made based on the current situation in Budapest.

AIT requires all members of the AIT community (students, faculty and staff) to be fully vaccinated for the fall 2021 semester. Persons without proof of vaccination will not be admitted to campus.

Health and Safety

  • What should I do before travelling to Budapest?

Test (if possible): AIT will encourage students to take a test in their home country prior to departure if testing is available. Should anyone be ill within 14 days of departure, they should contact the AIT office right away and research alternative dates for travel.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): AIT will provide masks at no cost to students, but everyone should plan to bring their own supply of masks as well. All students are strongly encouraged to bring a thermometer for self-monitoring.

Laptops and cell phones: All students should be prepared to bring a reliable laptop in the event that classes have to transition online. As in past semesters all students will be required to have a working smart phone with an international call and data plan. This is mandatory for all students and will be strictly enforced. Plans are available from Hungarian providers. Please contact the office if you need help in choosing a provider.

  • How long is the after arrival quarantine period?

After arrival quarantine period may vary between 4 to 10 days depending on students' departure country, previous test results and current regulations. AIT staff will be in touch with each and every student and work together on their travel plans.  A good advice to all students is to plan an early arrival to allow time for adjustment.

  • What is the arrival procedure, and will it be different than in the previous years?

As in previous semesters, AIT students will be picked up at the airport, transported to their housing and familiarized with their neighborhood to be able to locate the most essential facilities (grocery store, pharmacy, atm, transport, etc.).

As local regulations may require self-isolation for a number of days, orientation may be done online and familiarization with delivery services will be included.

  • Will the schedule of the Optional Language Course change?

In 2021 Fall, the schedule and the dates of the language school stay the same, but the first part of the course will be online for a practical reason, to spend the obligatory quarantine time in a useful way. The course structure is flexible and modifications can easily be made based on the current situation in Budapest. We monitor local regulations and will make reasonable modifications that serve students' needs the best.

  • Will AIT be providing COVID-19 testing upon arrival and throughout the semester?

Students will be encouraged to take a test in their home country prior to departure if testing is available. AIT will be providing testing for students after arrival and several times throughout the semester free of charge.

  • What should a student do when displaying symptoms after arriving to Hungary?

Students who are ill, experience common cold or COVID-19 symptoms (e.g. cough, fever, fatigue), or become aware that they have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 should stay in their apartment and immediately inform AIT staff.

  • Will mental health counseling be available?

Yes, as in previous semesters AIT will provide mental health counselling to students free of charge. Counseling may be done through Zoom or other physically distanced channels when necessary.      

Room and Board

  • What will housing be like?

AIT will no longer offer shared bedroom accommodation. Only single occupancy bedroom apartments and studios will be available to facilitate better social distancing and self-isolation when needed. Students may not elect to live in apartments that are not approved by AIT. Only AIT approved housing will be available. Please note that AIT approved apartments are located in the Budapest downtown area. Commuting to AIT using public transportation is an everyday routine and it takes approximately 40 minutes both ways!

  • Will there be separate housing for those who need to quarantine with or without symptoms?

Yes, AIT is working to maintain a number of apartments that will be available to those who need to quarantine temporarily because they tested positive or need isolation because they were in contact with someone who tested positive or displayed Covid-like symptoms. Students in temporary quarantine housing will be assisted by AIT staff members and health care professionals when needed.

Day-to-Day Life

  • What precautions will be taken in-class?

AIT is planning to introduce the following measures in class and outside class in social settings:

  • Arriving earlier: all students should arrive at least 1 week before (10 days advised) classes start to allow time for testing and adjustment
  • Reduced class sizes: In order to avoid crowded classrooms AIT sets certain protocols regarding seating arrangements
  • Social distancing and face masks: masks will be mandatory in class and in social settings where needed for students, faculty and staff
  • Cleaning and sanitation: all AIT facilities as well as student housing will be extensively cleaned and sanitized regularly and more frequently
  • Testing: all students, faculty and staff will undergo regular testing
  • Isolation: apartments will be available for those who test positive or need isolation because they were in contact with someone who tested positive or displayed Covid-like symptoms

All classrooms are properly sized to accommodate these measures. Other precautions include providing hand sanitizer at the entrance of the AIT building and keeping doors and windows open to increase ventilation whenever possible.

  • Will there be changes to personal travel during the semester?

AIT reserves the right to restrict travel to certain locations/countries as deemed necessary. These restrictions will fluctuate throughout the term under the guidance of local authorities, border closings, and infection rates. Students might not be able to travel independently at all outside Hungary (except for medical and family emergencies). Communicating travel plans with AIT staff will be required at all times. Any student ignoring AIT guidance on travel risks severe disruption to their program, including possible dismissal.


  • What is AIT’s refund policy if the in-class education is cancelled?

If the in-person program is canceled before the start of the semester: AIT will not charge the student or the student’s home institution any fees related to the program.

If the in-person program is canceled mid-semester: Should it seem that AIT cannot operate in its intended form due to significant interruptions by COVID-19 or if there will be difficulty in returning students to their home countries at the end of the semester due to border closures or reduction of flights, AIT will consider evacuating students from Hungary and continuing any remaining coursework online, as it was done in 2020 spring.

In the event of such a disruption tuition will not be refunded unless there are circumstances that prevent AIT from continuing coursework online or elsewhere.
As in 2020 spring, AIT will work with landlords to ensure students receive the maximum amount of refund prescribed in their contracts and provide assistance with travel expenses, when evacuation becomes necessary and the student’s personal circumstances require such assistance.
Otherwise AIT’s regular refund policy shall apply.