Students may select one or more courses to deepen their knowledge in the foundations of computer science. The world’s very first graph theory course was offered at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics some 80 years ago. The lecturer was Professor Dénes Kőnig, author of the first book on graph theory; his students included Paul Erdős, Tibor Gallai, Paul Turán and other pioneers of the subject. Based on this unique tradition, various courses are offered, among others, in classical graph theory, combinatorial optimization, theory of computing, and declarative programming.  

Title Faculty Credits Duration
Algorithms and Data Structures
Judit Csima
Máté Vizer
4 credits weeks 1-14
Combinatorial Optimization
Dávid Szeszlér
Péter Pál Pach
4 credits weeks 1-14
Computer Graphics
László Szécsi
Attila Kárpáti
4 credits weeks 1-14
Data Science
Roland Molontay
4 credits weeks 1-14
Graph Theory
Gábor Wiener
Tamás Fleiner
4 credits weeks 1-14
Quantum Probability and Quantum Logic
Mihály Weiner
4 credits weeks 1-14
Semantic and Declarative Technologies
Péter Szeredi
Péter Tóth
László Kabódi
4 credits weeks 1-14
Theory of Computing
Gyula Y. Katona
Balázs Patkós
Padmini Mukkamala
4 credits weeks 1-14