For students inclined to work as IT entrepreneurs in the future, AIT provides a great opportunity to develop their skills and aptitude for business. Given the fact that the world's most accomplished IT entrepreneurs were trained as engineers rather than business administrators, AIT's approach to entrepreneurship is shaped by the specific characteristics of the IT industry. AIT's courses are taught by Hungary's leading IT entrepreneurs with vast experience in internationally successful companies and software product development. These courses fill important gaps in contemporary IT education by focusing on the importance of user-centered product development, and by fostering cross-cultural skills of development and adaptation. What's more, Ernő Rubik's contribution provides an exceptional opportunity for students to gain a better understanding of the concept of 3D design both on and off the computer screen.

Title Faculty Credits Duration
Design Workshop
István Keszei
Ernő Rubik
4 credits weeks 1-14
Leadership and Entrepreneurship Studies
Gábor Bojár
Ernő Duda
Andrea Szabó
Dominika Szabó
4 credits weeks 1-14
Scalable Systems and Development Processes
Joseph Janos
2 credits weeks 1-7, or 8-14
User Experience Design
Judit Pónya
2 credits weeks 1-14