AIT intends to offer regular, in-class education in Budapest. The five-week long summer program will take place between June 7- July 8 2021. If this shall change for any reason AIT will offer online education and will inform all applicants beforehand in due time. Please read more about the two options below.

Plan A: In-class education in Budapest in Summer Term 2021

AIT's first intention is to offer a 5-week-long in-class education program in Budapest in the Summer of 2021. Students attending the in-class summer term can earn 6 AIT credits (one 4-credit course on Mobile Software Development and one 2-credit course on Budapest Studies) and will have an average load of 22-24 contact hours per week.

Mobile application development is one of the most exciting areas of information technology.
Mobile Software Development is a course that blends theory and practice, ultimately allowing students to develop, design, and implement their own mobile “apps.”
In the Summer Term Mobile Software Development course will meet four times a week (Monday through Thursday), for four hours per day in the morning. Contact hours will be accompanied by laboratory assignments in the afternoon. Hence this 5-week course corresponds to 4 academic credits in most North American colleges and universities using the semester system.

Budapest Studies is a 2-credit course on the past and present of Budapest (from the Roman times till the present), as well as some development dilemmas the city has faced and is facing right now. This course has been specifically designed for students studying computer science and entrepreneurship and who are interested in human studies at an academic level. The course aims to provide insight into the rich heritage of Budapest based on recent academic approaches.
The "Budapest Studies" course has an irregular schedule (since special excursions, museum visits etc are also included) with an average of 8 contact hours per week, hence it corresponds to 2 academic credits in most North American colleges and universities using the semester system.

(For detailed syllabi click on the course title.)

Tuition costs (in US currency) for in-class education is $4,500.

Tuition covers participation in two AIT courses for a total of 6 credits, with individual mentoring by the faculty, and personal attention by the AIT staff such as airport pick-up, orientation, housing assistance, etc.

Application deadline for the Summer Term in-class education program is March 15.

Application form is available here
Academic Calendar is available here.

Plan B: Online education in Summer Term 2021

If the epidemiological situation does not allow in-class education to happen in the summer of 2021, AIT will switch to online education and will inform students and their homeschools in due time.

In this case AIT will only offer the Mobile Software Development course and will not run the Budapest Studies course. Online Education will be presented in a US friendly time zone and Students attending the online summer term can earn 4 AIT credits and will have an average load of 11-12 contact hours per week.

In case online education takes place in the summer of 2021, the cost of the term is $2000 and the application deadline may be extended to a later date than March 15.

In case AIT has to turn the Summer term online before the in-class education begins, students who do not wish to or cannot take part in the online education will receive a full refund.

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