The U.S. is the undisputed global leader of the IT industry, and the U.S. has the world’s largest IT market.  So what can you learn by studying abroad?  You can learn how small companies can successfully enter the global IT market. You see, small U.S. companies generally disregard the world's IT market; they see globalization as a privilege reserved for the giants.  Because of the internet today, however, every company is global, regardless of size.  And for small to medium size companies (which hire 80% of the CS graduates in the U.S.), globalization means understanding and embracing cultural diversity.

In countries like Hungary, the domestic market is small, so even the smallest Hungarian firms need to learn to be global to compete.  But Hungary is accustomed to dealing with a multitude of cultures.  Geographically, it is at the crossroads of four different cultures, the Byzantine, Slavic, Latin and Germanic cultures. Also, throughout its history, Hungary has been occupied by very different superpowers, and along the way it has learned unique survival skills. These survival skills are the sorts of skills that companies need in order to thrive in the global marketplace, and with Hungary's proud intellectual tradition helping to shape your study abroad experience, AIT is excited to share these skills with CS majors from North American colleges and universities.