AIT’s home is an historical factory building repurposed to meet and exceed the needs of a contemporary educational institution. The renovation was carried out following the guidelines from AIT and with the requirements of the program in mind. The building was designed to provide a friendly environment for the program participants – no more than 100 persons per semester – and is used exclusively by AIT students, faculty and staff.

All of AIT’s classes take place in the AIT building. The campus is about 40 mins away from the city center, so our building was designed to be a ’second home’ for the students, where they are able to study, socialize and spend their time between classes. Besides the fundamental school facilities, the building has other features to offer, such as:

  • Student lounge
  • Kitchen
  • Study rooms
  • Access to all of the textbooks
  • WIFI
  • Shower

Facilities and services around the campus

AIT is located in Graphisoft Park, a science and business park and a hub for many software and pharmaceutical companies, where a wide range of services and facilities are within reach on campus and all of them are accessible to the students of AIT and the other institutions as well.

  • 8 Cafeterias and snack bars
  • Bike storage
  • Visitor parking
  • ATMs
  • Shuttle bus service
  • Yoga studio

Right across from the park there is a very large supermarket, which is also accessible on foot.

How to get here